Piper PA-32 Cherokee SIX 300 Review

michael | 04.07.2016

PA-32 started 45 years ago, the SIX is a low wings sleek body aircraft with rugged, proven systems. With its six seats and useful load of 1777lbs, you won’t find more cabin room and utility in its class. Piper continues the legacy with its Saratoga line by 1980. The Cherokee SIX continues to be a great  competitive Value in the used market that is hard to beat.

Contact us if you need help finding the perfect Cherokee SIX for your needs and desires. We will Evaluate actual airplanes in the market comparing recent sales data to top of line aviation software (TBO, TT, Avionics, Maintenance & History). Use Aircraft Travels to guide you through each step of owning your own Aircraft.

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