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michael | 06.30.2018

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Tino Valente an american veteran, entrepreneur, and pilot flew his Beechcraft T-34 Mentor  for some breakfast at Winter Haven Municipal Airport – Gilbert Field (KGIF) located in Central Florida. He also shared his 50 + years of pilot experiences and his hilarious opinion on aviation. Tino is very grateful to own his dream aircraft the T-34 and he has kept in impeccable condition.

Beechcraft T-34 Mentor

The T-34 Mentor is a single-engine, basic trainer aircraft designed and manufactured by Beechcraft Aircraft Company for the United States Air Force and United States Navy. The development began in 1940s designed by modifying the Beechcraft Bonanza. The aerobatic military aircraft lives up to its reputation as a trainer and is very easy to fly.

The T-34 boasts a spacious cockpit enclosed with an oval shaped glass canopy. The cockpit can accommodate two flight crew members, a trainee pilot and a flight instructor in the tandem seat configuration to provide clear visibility. A retractable landing gear, with a max speed of 188 knots and a cruise speed of 170 knots. Stalls are gentle and straight forward, and with a touchdown speed of 65 KTS very little runway is needed. Fuel capacity is 50 gallons and a range of 728 miles.  The plane is light on the controls and is great for rolls and loops, particularly with the larger engines.

The T-34 does just about everything better than most other planes in its category.  So if you are looking for a warbird that is easy to fly, does good aerobatics, is great for formation fying, has good cross country speed, and is fairly easy on the pocketbook, the Beechcraft T-34 might be the aircraft for you.

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